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Local Courier Service by Car, Bike Messenger or Box Truck

MDT offers same day pick-up and delivery service in the Washington DC Metro area. MDT is always exclusive, non-stop and direct on all in-state and out-of-state deliveries. We ensure the delivery of envelopes and packages, lost luggage, hospital delivery, in addition to medical and food supplies to the DC, Virginia, and Baltimore, Maryland areas. Services also include pick-up/delivery for personal home and offices, retail businesses, DC Government, Federal Government, and BWI, Reagan and Dulles National Airports, Limited Truck Load (LTL) servicing is available for all of the District of Columbia Metropolitan areas including Baltimore, Virginia and Delaware with a 4-6 pallet minimum.

Light Trucking and Moving On Demand Service

MDT has a successful track-record of handling moving jobs efficiently, safely, and cost effectively for our clients. We provide limited truckload servicing for the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. All drivers are briefed about delivery assignments, and packages are tracked and monitored by dispatchers for completion of the delivery. MDT utilizes all security, insurance and most importantly communication procedures to ensure safe delivery.

Contracted Drivers & Bikers: The heart and soul of the company

Punctuality, professionalism, good customer service, along with safe and smart driving skills, are high on our priority list. Efficient map reading skills and driving with the appropriate identification are an absolute must. Our drivers are affiliated with the National Independent Contractor Association (NICA). Being a Minority-Owned business separates us from our competitors. We take great pride in being an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Operational Features

Computerized Technology: Our order entry/dispatch system enables our staff to provide you with instant information on your delivery, immediate pricing by phone, and can handle each order request in under 30 seconds.
Automated Proof of Delivery: Our system is designed to provide timely callback with proof of delivery information. Upon request it can be automatically faxed to you immediately after delivery is made.
Verbal Proof of Delivery: Upon request, an MDT Rush Delivery representative will be happy to call you and let you know your critical shipment was delivered safely and on time.
Management Information reports: These reports may be customized to accommodate your needs. The basic report lists all shipment orders, tracking number, pick-up address, drop-off address, contact name, phone number, fax number or cell number, proof of deliveries, specific instructions and charges.

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MDT RUSH DELIVERY – Courier Delivery Service in the Washington DC area.

Payment can be made via Paypal

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