...When You Need Delivery Done Right In A Hurry.


In the Washington DC Metro Area you can count on MDT Rush Delivery being available 24 hours a day. Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality of service and we are fully insured to protect our customers’ valued cargo. We will keep your costs to a minimum, while being efficient, fast, professional and reliable. Our couriers are able to customize routes to fit your business delivery needs.


MDT Rush Delivery is one of the fastest growing courier and delivery businesses in the mid-Atlantic. Founded in 2002 by Miguel D. Tarver, the “MDT” in MDT Rush Delivery. Our business is based in Washington DC, but serves the entire Metro Region, providing reliable 24-hour messenger, delivery and trucking services.

“My company has a good reputation in the courier business industry,” says company president Miguel Tarver. “Our main goal is to service the valued customer with fast, on-time, reliable delivery service. Our team has the resources to professionally handle all of your delivery needs and they are knowledgeable with directions on getting to the pick-up location and the drop-off location or destination, routed for on-time delivery. I am confident you’ll be pleased with our service.”


MDT Rush Delivery, LLC firm is a Certified Firm by the Washington, DC Local Business Opportunity Commission (LBOC) and is registered as a qualifying Enterprise in accordance with the Local, Small, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Ace of 1998.

Certification number: LSDR 01200716419

MDT Rush Delivery, LLC is registered by the Commission as a:

  1. Local Business Enterprise
  2. Small Business Enterprise
  3. Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  4. Resident Business Enterprise

  1. District of Columbia Office of Contracting and Procurement

MDT Rush Delivery, LLC firm is Certified as a LDBE contractor on the DC Supply Schedule for Moving & Logistics
Schedule contract # DCSS-2012-D-962-001S

MDT Rush Delivery, LLC firm is Certified as a LDBE with Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority for Reagan National Airport and Dulles National Airport for the following goods and services:

  1. Goods and Equipment
  2. General (Mailing Services)
  3. Transportation (Cargo, Vehicle Services, Hauling)
  4. Courier/Delivery, Moving Logistics and Goods
  5. Vending Services

Certification number LSDZR77898052018
Standard Industrial Code (SIC) 4215
Goods/Services Courier Services, Except by Air

MDT Rush Delivery, LLC is a Minority-Owned business and takes great pride in being an Equal Opportunity Employer.

MDT Rush Delivery, LLC is bonded and insured by: